The Sufferings and Triumph of Christ

Psalm 22 is a powerful psalm of lament. Powerful, because we can find that it voices for us how we often think and feel while in the midst of great suffering. At some point in our lives we will identify with this text and its questions. Where is God? Why is He silent? And helpfully, this psalm also models for us how we should respond when we feel that way. Furthermore, Psalm 22 points us to our suffering Savior, who endured betrayal, mocking and violence such the world has never seen before or since and who was subsequently lifted up in glory.

CG questions

1. What role should lament play in the life of a Christian? How do we effectively make room for and express lament in our lives? What are destructive synthetic forms of lament?

2. When you are in a season of suffering, what are your greatest fears? How do you cope with them?

3. What does it mean to preach the gospel to yourself? How do you do this? What forms does it take?

4. What difference does it make that we are redeemed by a suffering Savior?

5. How does the triumph of Christ transform our suffering and give us hope?

6. What role should biblical community play in a season of suffering, fear or loss?