The Things That Make for Peace

Palm Sunday is the day when traditionally the church recognizes the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem for the last week of his life before his crucifixion. Jesus intentionally chose to enter Jerusalem according to the prophecy of Zechariah. And in doing so, He was welcomed as King. Yet, crucified just days later. The people of Jerusalem failed to receive the presence of God in their midst and rejected Jesus' terms of peace. And as a result, suffered terrible judgment. Their judgment stands as a warning for us. May we instead receive Christ and accept his terms of peace that lead to life.

CG questions:

1. If Jesus knew He was going to be betrayed and killed in Jerusalem, why did He go there?

2. What is the significance of his entrance into Jerusalem and why do the Pharisees object?

3. What are the terms of peace that Jesus offers?

4. How does sin harden our hearts and blind our eyes? What do its deadening effects look like? Where do they lead? What does a repentant lifestyle look like?

5. In what areas of your life are you failing to accept Jesus' terms of peace? Are you trying to negotiate with God or offering total surrender?