The Transmission of Truth and Knowledge

This Mother's Day we examine the high calling of motherhood. Mothers contribute to the flourishing of their family in incalculable ways. Their work knows no bounds, their competencies no limits. And their greatest responsibility, their most loving and faithful act to their children, is to model and teach a big and glorious view of God.

CG Questions:

1. What are the best ways to teach our children a biblical worldview and a glorious view of God?

2. How can one generation commend knowledge of the Lord and his works to another? Are parents the only ones able to do this?

3. What should the content of our teaching be and possible forms it can take?

4. Why is faithfully teaching our children about the Lord the most loving thing we can do?

5. What fruit do we hope to see in our children's lives as a result of our teaching and modeling?

6. How can we teach our children even in the midst of our failures and mistakes?