The Way To Heaven

John the Baptist's mission was to point people to Jesus and in our text this morning, we see him doing just that. As a result, John's disciples become disciples and followers of Jesus. And as these men follow Jesus they discover that Jesus is, as John the Baptist said, the Messiah. Jesus reveals himself to them and to us as the place where Heaven and earth meet. In Jesus we not only encounter God, we are offered fellowship with God for He is the way to Heaven.

CG Questions

  1. What are you seeking from Jesus? What should you be seeking? And what are you seeking that you should NOT be seeking?
  2. Why does Jesus change Peter’s name? How does Jesus give each one of us, his disciples, a new identity?
  3. How did Jesus launch, start his ministry? Mass event? Rally? Big campaign? Read also the parables of the seed, yeast in Matthew 13:31-33.
  4. Who played a role in you following Jesus?
  5. Think of relationships you have with people who are disconnected from God. How can you invite them to begin to follow Jesus?
  6. What is the significance of Jesus’ reference to Jacob’s dream in Genesis 28?
  7. How should we understand Jesus frequently referring to himself as the ‘Son of Man’?