The Witness of John the Baptist

The Apostle John wants us to encounter Jesus through his gospel and receive him, which means to believe in him and in doing so receive eternal life. John wants you to know Jesus is exactly who He says He is. And so John's gospel brings witness after witness, to testify to Jesus’ identity, power and glory. John wants us to be sure what he is saying about Jesus is true so he will put forth no less than 8 witnesses that testify that Jesus is the Christ. And the witness we are going to study this morning is the witness of John the Baptist, who fulfills a unique and privileged role as a herald for the Messiah's appearing.

Community Group Questions:

  1. In what ways is Jesus greater than John the Baptist?
  2. Was John the Baptist Elijah?
  3. What parallels with Genesis chapter 1 do we see in this text?
  4. What does John the Baptist mean when he says Jesus is “the Lamb of God?”
  5. According to this text, why did Jesus come into the world?
  6. What is John referring to when he says Jesus will baptize with the Holy Spirit?
  7. List the titles for Jesus John, the author, has used so far.
  8. In what ways can you use your life as a pointer to and a witness for Jesus as the Christ?
  9. What areas of your life hinder your witness for Christ?