The Works of a Wise Mother

On this Mother's Day we take time to honor mothers and motherhood. God's Word informs us of what it means to be a wise and praiseworthy wife and mother. Proverbs 31 is a full length portrait of godly wife and mother. The role and importance of a mother cannot be overstated. Mothers are the first teachers in the home and should teach Godly wisdom to her children as they work with diligence to care for all in the home.

Follow the link to read the article 'The High Calling of Wife and Mother in Biblical Perspective' referenced during the sermon.

Discussion Questions

  • In what sense is the home the first school for a child?
  • Why is it so important to teach our children the full counsel and wisdom of God's Word? What challenges are there for you in doing this?
  • What does it mean to fear the Lord? How is this the beginning of wisdom?
  • Describe a mother's often unique way of kindness towards her child. How can we teach Christlike kindness to our children?
  • To the husbands, do you frequently and sincerely praise your wife for her character and contributions to the family? Why or why not?
  • To the mothers, are you tempted to view your mothering as a less significant calling or task as other professions?
  • What does being a 'success' as a mother mean to you?