True Riches

Proverbs shows us the foolishness of earthly possessions and money. What God truly values are matters of character: righteousness, wisdom, instruction, integrity. The cravings of material wealth are never quenched, they never satisfy, they do not profit our soul. Instead, we are called to set our eyes on godliness and to be content with little. In so doing we will be equipped to give generously and steward honorably which is a hedge against the temptation and snare of worldly riches.

CG questions

  1. What dangers does a love of money pose to our soul?
  2. When has your aim toward material possessions let you down? What hope did it offer you?
  3. How can we protect ourselves from the pursuit of material wealth and the dangers they invite?
  4. How can we grow towards cheerful giving if we aren't giving, or aren't cheerful?
  5. What does our desire for financial independence or material possessions reveal about our spiritual condition?