Trust the Lord Not Your Heart

In Proverbs 3 we learn that living wisely means living with complete trust in the Lord. This is challenging for a variety of reasons, namely our sinful tendencies, and our perpetual inclination to trust in our understanding and follow our heart rather than lean on the Lord and trust him fully. The most important decisions we make in our lives revolve around whom we trust. And Proverbs 3 leads us away from trusting our fickle hearts and instead, leaning in and fully trusting our faithful, wise God.

Discussion Questions

  • What does it mean to have the love and faithfulness of God written on the tablet of our hearts?
  • What would it look like for you to fully, totally trust the Lord?
  • When in trouble or in need, what do you instinctively look to and think has the power to save you?
  • Where are you distrusting the Lord? Ask yourself, would your life look any different if you weren’t trusting in the Lord?
  • Why does the Lord discipline his children? How should we respond to his discipline?