Uncovered and Exposed

Noah's life with his family began well after the flood but things began to deteriorate when Noah became drunk and lay naked in his tent. The response of Noah's sons to his sin occasioned a pronouncement by Noah of a curse and a blessing.

  • What do we learn about Noah from this passage that we haven't learned yet?
  • What was the significance of Noah cursing Canaan, the 4th son of Ham?
  • How would you describe Ham's sin?
  • How are we tempted to behave in ways similar to Ham?
  • How did Shem and Japheth respond when Ham told them of their father's nakedness?
  • How can we follow the example of Shem and Japheth?
  • How does this passage point to our need for a greater righteous man?
  • How does it point to our need for a better covering?
  • How does it point to our need for a better covenant?
  • Read Hebrews 9:11-10:18. How are these needs met?