Unified in Christ

This week we begin a new sermon series in the book of First Corinthians. The letter to the church at Corinth is an appeal to a divided church to return to unity in and around the gospel of Jesus Christ. Like in so many churches today, factions and divisions arose which set parts of the body against other parts. Paul uses his apostolic authority and wisdom to restore them to being of one mind and one accord. Paul teaches that when the church looks to its author and Savior, Jesus and unites themselves in the message and work of the cross, they will experience sweet harmony and like-mindedness, making them even more fruitful in God's Kingdom.

Discussion Questions

  1. Share about a time in which you and a individual or group of people were deeply unified and the sense of communion you felt or something great you accomplished together.
  2. Why does unity in the church matter? Why can’t we all agree to disagree on specific issues?
  3. What does it mean to have the same mind and same judgment? (v. 10)
  4. What’s the danger of being strongly drawn to a particular preacher or church or style of church?
  5. How can you, as an individual member, preserve and protect unity in the church? What are threats to unity in the church?