Wisdom and Folly

In the introduction to Proverbs, Solomon seeks to exhort his son to pursue the path of wisdom that leads to eternal life and avoid the path of folly which leads to heartache and destruction. Solomon teaches us that there are two paths in life and two voices competing for our attention and allegiance. Solomon personifies these voices as Lady Wisdom and Lady Folly. Each voice calls out to us, each voice makes promises. But only one is telling the truth. Solomon teaches us that the difference between living the good life and living foolishly is determined by whose voice you heed.

CG Questions

  1. How can you live out Solomon’s instruction for parents?
  2. What does the path of folly or foolishness look like for you personally? What are your greatest temptations? What are the voices in your life?
  3. What’s an example of someone who sinned and so far has gotten away with it? How does this make you feel? What does this tempt you to think?
  4. What’s the real, true and ultimate reward for pursuing the path of wisdom?
  5. Contrast lady wisdom calling out in Proverbs with Jesus calling out in his earthly ministry.
  6. How do we grow in wisdom? What’s the danger of complacency?