You Are Not Your Own

What does it mean to be a Christian? This is a simple question but it has a multifaceted answer. A Christian is a person who has been united to Jesus by faith. A Christian is a person who has turned from their rebellion towards God, received God’s salvation wrought for them by the perfect and completed work of Jesus and have come under the Lordship of Christ. Being a Christian does not mean merely believing in our head that Christ died for us. It means the truth of God’s love grips us and holds and controls us, such that a Christian is transformed by the grace of God so that they live in a new way, a way that is ruled by God. A Christian is a lot of things, but one thing a Christian is NOT is autonomous. Christians are committed to holiness and righteousness and faithfulness in all our actions and relationships and live under the Lordship of Jesus. This means our thought life, our resources, our relationships, our entertainment, our life decisions and yes, even our bodies all come under the authority of Jesus. In First Corinthians chapter 6, the Apostle Paul teaches how our union with Christ effects the stewardship or our bodies and even transforms our sexual ethics.

CG Questions:

  1. How is the present age distinguished by a claim to (even demand for) personal autonomy? What do these claims often center around?
  2. Why is trying to claim personal autonomy so enticing? And why is it so destructive?
  3. The Corinthians sinful behavior was in part rooted in an incorrect theological understanding of their physical bodies. What are incorrect views of the body in our day and the ramifications of these views?
  4. What does it mean that our bodies are “members of Christ”?
  5. Why does what we do with our body matter? What is unique about sexual sin?
  6. What was the preeminent distinction of the temple in the Old Testament? In light of this, what’s the significance of Paul’s statement that we are a temple of the Holy Spirit?