You Must Be Born Again

In chapters 2-4, Jesus encounters 4 Jewish institutions and shows that He is the fulfillment or the true reality to which they all point. This morning we examine, the 3rd of those four institutions, a rabbi. As Jesus comes to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover, many people are in awe of the signs He is doing. Such that a rabbi, one of the teachers of Israel, comes to him at night to discuss the Kingdom of God. Jesus teaches him that we cannot enter the Kingdom of God on our own efforts. In fact, we can't even have saving faith apart from God’s grace first working in us. There is nothing we can do to save ourselves. Salvation is by grace through faith.

CG Questions:

  1. What are common, but mistaken, ideas about the means by which people enter Heaven? What are the weaknesses in these ideas? Why are they wrong and what do they lead to?
  2. What’s the problem with the belief in Jesus that the crowds who observe the signs have? Why won’t Jesus entrust himself to them?
  3. Why does Nicodemus not understand Jesus’ teaching?
  4. When Jesus says we must be born of water and the Spirit, what is He referring to?
  5. What role does the Holy Spirit play in bringing us to salvation?
  6. What does it mean to be born again/born from above?
  7. Discuss the double meaning in Jesus’ statement that He must be “lifted up”.
  8. What is our role in the salvation of others? See also Romans 10:9-17.