Jan 09, 2017

Welcome to the Journey Church Blog: Becoming a Well-Fed People


“… what stirs your affections for Christ, truth and holiness? If we can fill our lives with the things that stir our affections and avoid and flee those things that rob us of inspiration, we have a better shot at dwelling deeply.” – Pastor Matt Chandler, The Village Church

What are you feeding your soul?

Let’s be honest, church family. We spend a disproportionate amount of time on things that rob us of affection for Christ. In the digital age we live in, even those who are surrendered to Jesus, engaged in regular Bible study, and have Christian community feed on words and images throughout the day (fitting conveniently in the palm of our hand, of course) that edify very little. And often, we regret our ill-spent time, yet return to the pattern another day. Our souls are weak.

As believers we know that our ultimate hunger is quenched by Jesus, the Bread of Life (John 6:35) and that feeding on the Word of God is our daily bread that keeps our will aligned to His and truly satisfies our soul. I pray that each person who comes through the doors of Journey Church will know and enjoy Jesus in this way. But there is a battle being waged for your heart’s affections and for your attention, dear Christian, and as such, our church leadership hopes to equip you in 2017 with content that is:

  1. spiritually formative rather than deformative
  2. inspiring and challenging
  3. shaping your Christian worldview
  4. spurring you on toward an eternal mindset, and
  5. equipping you to feed on truth

Oh that our souls would be content, healthy and vibrant this year.

A starting place for soul food

Blog posts

On the first Monday of each month, we will publish a blog post right here on www.joininthejourney.com. Written by our staff pastors and elders, these posts are intended to help you grow into a rich personal devotional life and provide a Biblical worldview for engaging the culture.

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It is an honor to spur you on, Journey Church.

Growing in Christ with you,

-Pastor Matthew